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In addition to mold spores, your home atmosphere might contain asbestos without you even knowing it. Being exposed to high levels of asbestos is detrimental to your health and well-being. Not only does it make breathing difficult, but it may cause severe lung disease. 

At NYC mold inspection, we take steps to improve your health and lifestyle. Our experts use a safe and easy method to eliminate asbestos from your home. 

With years of experience working with asbestos, we make the cleaning process manageable for you. Our team uses specialized tools and instruments to permanently eliminate it.

Although there aren’t any regulations that ban average homeowners from cleaning and disposing of asbestos themselves, it isn’t a safe process. 

Perhaps this explains why the United States Environmental Protection Agency suggests hiring a professional for asbestos removal; it keeps you and your family out of harm’s way. 

What Is Asbestos?

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While you might assume asbestos is some harmful bacteria or microorganisms that put your life at risk, in reality, it is nothing but a group of natural mineral fibers. 

These fibers are pretty strong, chemical, and fire-resistant making them an ideal material for various reasons. Manufacturers use it for:

  • Providing insulation 
  • Reducing sound through absorption 
  • Providing insulation 
  • Strengthening cement
  • Fireproofing properties 

Although asbestos is found in several colors including blue, white, gray, brown, and green, white fibers or chrysotile are the most popular type in the US. 

One might wonder how a material used in home building deteriorates health. The truth is, asbestos can leach into your indoor air due to an unfortunate event, and breathing in polluted air negatively affects your health.  

Consider you have hot water pipes in your kitchen wrapped in asbestos. Your furnace is located below the pipes, and there’s a break in ductwork for cold air intake. 

As soon as the asbestos breaks off your pipe wrap, it will make its way into your HVAC system. When you turn it on, asbestos will spread throughout your home. 

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Health Effects of Asbestos

If your home insulation contains asbestos, it’s perfectly alright. The real threat begins when they are released into the air. These fibers break down and spread throughout your home. 

The tiny particles become airborne, and we inhale them without even knowing it. Consequently, they gather in our lungs, leading to inflammation. 

Unfortunately, some United States health organizations have even associated asbestos with cancer. Here’s how it might affect your health: 

  • Asbestos can move into your alveoli, the tiny sacs in your lungs. These fibers cause scarring of the lung tissue, making them stiff. As a result, it becomes difficult for you to breathe. 
  • Inhaling in asbestos-polluted air can also cause lung cancer, permanently damaging your lungs.
  • It can also lead to Mesothelioma, stomach lining, and chest cancer. 
  • Asbestos can also cause throat and kidney cancer. 

Further, the Cleveland Clinic organization tells us that the risk of asbestos is associated with the time frame. The longer you’re exposed to it, the more it’ll affect your health. 

However, that does not indicate brief periods of exposure are okay. Asbestos can negatively impact hypersensitive individuals even when they breathe in the contaminated air for a few hours. 

Our Process

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At mold inspection NYC, your well-being is our ultimate priority. Therefore, we take preventive measures to collect and test asbestos from your home. These tests help us identify the extent of asbestos you’re exposed to, and what we can do to remove it. 


Asbestos samples can be collected from dust or solid materials. We use both methods to ensure optimal results. Here are the steps we take to collect the samples: 

  • We close the windows and doorways to seal the area entirely and prevent the spread of asbestos indoors. 
  • Our team also shuts off ventilation systems to minimize the spread of tiny asbestos particles. 
  • We maintain strict standards while collecting the samples. Our professional team uses gloves, boot covers, coveralls, masks, safety glasses, and respirators for protection. 
  • Solid asbestos is pretty easy to collect. Our NYC mold inspector collects the sample and seals it into a plastic bag 
  • Dust samples, on the other hand, are collected from the dust lying on your home surfaces. 


After collecting the samples, we send them to a laboratory. Here, skilled professionals carry out the tests under strict standards. The lab report highlights the presence/absence of asbestos, its extent, and its severity. 

This helps us draft a suitable asbestos cleaning plan to purify your indoor air.

Air Purifying and Cleaning

To begin with, we identify the source of asbestos and tend to remove it. Of course, air-purifying helps, but it doesn’t offer a practical solution until the root cause is eliminated.

If broken pipe insulation is the culprit, it’s best to discard it. Further, if asbestos is hidden in your HVAC vents, we clean it. 

Later, our team uses professional-grade air purifiers to clean your air, and make it safe for you and your family to breathe in.