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Mold Inspectors NYC understands the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in all types of buildings. Therefore, we offer commercial services in addition to residential cleanup assistance. 

Our professional staff is well-versed in mold removal and remediation, and won’t compromise service quality regardless of the building type. 

Although most of our clients contact us for residential services, numerous customers have utilized our commercial services – only to benefit from our top-notch, quality cleanup processes. 

Highly Trained Staff

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Mold Inspection NYC staff responds quickly to your first call and assesses the situation through a few questions. This helps us choose the most appropriate equipment for mold mitigation. 

We aim to provide you with a safe cleanup process with minimal disruption to your daily life operations. 

Our skilled staff can tell the severity of mold growth in a single glance. This helps them explain the steps, time, and costs involved in the process. We are genuine about our services, and therefore advocate conveying things beforehand. 

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Mold Inspection and Identification

All mold cases are different. Simply put, we have treated thousands of mold cases till now, and the severity differs per customer. This is what we precisely observe in mold inspection and identification. Our staff checks your property to determine if you are actually affected by mold. 

On spotting visible mold signs, we proceed with sampling and testing of mold. However, note that sometimes mold is not visible to the naked eye, but it is still present. Our experts figure it out through air testing or by smelling certain objects. 

This might require the removal of certain materials around your home. For instance, we may rip off your wallpaper to observe mold hidden behind it. Nonetheless, our team restores your home back to normal after treating mold. 

Sampling and Testing

After identifying mold, we tend to collect samples for further analysis. Because mold types are different, a single process cannot be used to treat all kinds. 

Testing, however, helps us determine the precise mold type helping us draft an ideal mold treatment plan. Here are a few samples we take for commercial buildings:

Tape Lift

A tape lift is one of the simplest ways to collect a mold sample. Clear adhesive tape is an excellent way to collect spores and dust. We press the tape onto a few surfaces in your home and remove it instantly. 

The tape is then placed in a plastic bag which is transferred to a professional lab for further analysis. 

Air Sampling

Air samples are perfect for examining the indoor air environment. This involves viable or non-viable techniques. The former involves living/live microorganisms, while the latter process includes non-living particles. 

We collect samples of both alive and dead mold spores. This offers a clear picture of what kind of mold you are exposed to, and what processes we should use to remove it.

Swab Tests

Swab tests include the use of cotton or fiber to collect a sample from the suspected area. Later, lab professionals observe it under a microscope and generate reports highlighting the test details.

Material Discarding

We value your prized possessions and try our best to restore them. However, not all items are restorable. For instance, if you’ve been exposed to mold growth for a long time, the spores absorb deep within the porous surfaces – consider carpet and drywall, for instance. 

So, even after following the standardized cleanup processes, these spores will grow back and spread. 

Therefore, it is best to get rid of materials that have been affected by mold. We inspect your items and discard them before starting our cleaning process.

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nyc mold inspection

Mold Cleanup

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We use specialized liquids to scrub off the notorious mold and remove it permanently from your home surfaces. 

Note that our disinfectants are gentle, environmentally friendly, and suitable for all home surfaces. The cleanup process is followed up by sanitization to ensure quality hygiene standards. 

We also use heavy-duty air purifiers to clean your air of mold spores. While removing mold spores entirely isn’t possible, air purifiers reduce it to a safe level. 

At NYC Mold Inspection, we identify the mold source and fix the root cause to prevent mold from growing and spreading. 

Having served plenty of customers throughout NYC, NY, we have gained enough experience to tackle the toughest and most intense mold growth cases. 

Call us today to speak to one of our contractors, and get our mold remediation services at affordable rates!