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It is imperative to test indoor air quality to ensure optimal cleaning procedures. While cleaning and drying the surfaces come in handy, mold spores are present in the air by the end of the day. 

So, if your indoor quality is poor, it will cause health issues and allow the mold to grow and thrive. Mold Inspectors NYC uses specialized procedures to test your indoor air for biological pollutants, including mold. 

While sniffing air exposed to mold helps determine its presence, not all mold types smell. Simply put, it is possible to have poor indoor quality without smelling a musty odor around your property. Here are the steps we take to test your indoor air quality and improve it:

Collecting Information

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To begin with, our team at NYC mold inspection conducts a survey addressing several questions. This helps us draft an ideal testing plan appropriate for your mold problem. Here are a few things we consider: 

  • What is your building type? Is it a commercial or residential property? 
  • Is the building newly constructed or old? Generally, an older property is more prone to poor indoor quality. 
  • Is there a proper ventilation system in your building? 
  • Have the residents suffered from any health issues in the past? 
  • Is there any equipment around your property that reduces air quality? 
  • Is your property odorless or smells uncontrollably bad? 

Conducting a survey beforehand helps us identify the possible pollutants present in your air. Consequently, we choose an indoor air quality testing procedure accordingly. 

Note that the list of questions is not exhaustive. Since we have many experts on our team, each professional drafts a different list; it varies per the client and the services are chosen by the customers.

Choosing Location

After addressing general survey questions, we choose the location. Of course, we do not conduct tests throughout your property – as long as the case isn’t too severe. 

Generally, testing indoor quality from certain places in your home gives us an idea of the problem. In other words, particular areas in your home speak for the entire indoor quality. Therefore, there isn’t any point in monitoring the entire property. 

With years of experience in the field, our skilled staff determines the most appropriate places for conducting tests. They may choose more than one location because indoor air distribution varies. But again, we reduce testing locations to a minimum. 

Indoor Air Quality Sampling

Methods of air quality sampling differ depending on the extent of mold present in the air. However, any procedure used improves the quality for the better. 

Be it mold, bacteria, dust particles, or carbon monoxide, our special procedures enhance your indoor air quality. We collect the samples of your indoor air and send them to a lab where our professionals conduct a test.

Testing Equipment

Having tested thousands of commercial and residential properties till now, we believe in using more than one testing equipment. Here are a few instruments we use at mold testing in NYC to measure your indoor air quality:

  • Swab tests. Swab tests help us determine the presence of bacteria and mold growth. 
  • VOC meter. This specialized equipment measures the volatile and total volatile organic compounds. 
  • Indoor air quality test kits. Although the market is flooded with air quality testing kits, our team uses their specialized kits to fully analyze the presence of bacteria, mold, and dust particles. 
  • Testo 480. This tool helps identify humidity levels, airflow, and temperature. Since these factors are a culprit of mold growth, we ensure to check their appropriate levels. 

Note that a few clients also want us to determine sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide levels. For this purpose, we use SO2, NOX, and CO2 meters. 

Assessment Report

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After measuring your indoor air quality, we take them to our laboratory for further analysis. NYC mold inspection advocates transparent procedures. 

Therefore, we generate a quality assessment report and present it to our clients. 

This report highlights the precise details of your indoor air quality and the appropriate methods needed to improve it. Our experts share their recommendations and choose the most suitable method to enhance your indoor air. 

Improved air quality not only boosts your family’s health but also prevents mold and bacteria growth around your property.